Put Yourself First In 2017!

Do you always take care of others, but forget to take care of yourself? Do you find that you put yourself last on your to-do list? Does your “me” time get postponed each day due to other “more important things” in your life?

I completely understand that life is busy. You have your families, your career, errands to accomplish, meetings and social gatherings to attend, and daily tasks to achieve. Life can become stressful and so overwhelming, and it is easy to make excuses to put your body’s needs last on the totem pole.

How are you expected to take care of everyone and everything in your life if you are unable to care for yourself? Stop making excuses! Start telling yourself that YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT! You deserve to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Make the commitment to your precious body today and allow yourself to be selfish once in a while. Start small. Do just one thing a day that makes you happy. Work within your schedule to make the time for you. Even if it means waking up 10 minutes earlier to sip a cup of tea, breathe, and think about what you are most grateful for in your life. Find out what fulfills you the most, and make self-care the top of your to-do list. Your mind and body will appreciate it, and so will those around you!

Here Are Some of My Favorite Self-Care Tips:
  • Slow Down– Too often we are on the run and miss the little things in life. Take a few moments each day to slow down, notice the sights, sounds, and smells around you, and be in the moment.
  • Breathe – Many of us forget to breathe—really breathe. Set a few times a day to pause, breathe, relax, and appreciate the power of inhaling and exhaling
  • Reflect– Take a few moments each morning to sit on your couch or most comfy chair with a cup of tea or coffee, reflect, and think about the wonderful blessings in your life
  • Cherish Sleep–Sleep is so important for your emotional and physical well-being. Make it a priority to go to bed a little earlier even if it means saving your favorite TV show for the weekend. Find relaxation techniques that will help you fall asleep and maintain a deep peaceful sleep throughout the night
  • Exercise – Find an exercise that you enjoy. It could be taking an exercise class at the gym, going for a run outside, or playing your favorite workout video at home
  • Create a Spiritual Practice – Find a spiritual practice that speaks to you whether it be religion, prayer, yoga, meditation, or embracing nature
  • Enjoy Nature– Take 10 minutes to go for a walk outside or plant a garden, and enjoy the crisp, fresh air. It will reenergize you and provide clarity
  • Pamper Yourself – Get a fabulous massage, manicure, pedicure, or take a hot bath with your favorite essential oils or bubble bath
  • Hot Towel Scrub – Body scrubbing is a great way to relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, reenergize you in the morning, and relax you in the evening to prepare you for a peaceful night sleep
  • Hot Water Bottle – The hot water bottle provides comfortable, soothing heat therapy to any part of your body, relaxes your muscles and calms your mind
  • Cook Your Favorite Meal – Cooking can be very therapeutic, especially, when you take the time to make something you love
  • Journal – Journaling is a great way to process your emotions and write whatever it is that comes to mind. Journal first thing in the morning before you are fully awake or reflect at night before you go to sleep. Count your blessings and acknowledge what you are thankful for in life.
  • Read A Book – Find that book you’re been dying to read and sit on the couch with your coziest blanket
  • Play an Instrument – Has your guitar been sitting in your closet for the past few months? Pick it up again and strum for 15-20 minutes
  • Listen to music –Listen to your favorite artist or band and get lost in the music
  • Challenge Your Mind – Do a fun puzzle, Sudoku, or crossword
  • Paint or Color – Painting a picture or coloring a book are great tools to release your creativity and use your imagination (yes, there are fabulous, fun coloring books out for adults now :))
  • Just Dance – Take a dance class or even turn on the music and dance around your house! Go crazy and have fun!
Make your home a cozy, Zen environment to enjoy your self-care time. A wonderful way to add more peace and relaxation to your life is to have a clean, calming atmosphere in your home. Clutter can cause unnecessary stress. Add some house plants to purify the air, light candles, get some cozy throw blankets and pillows to make your house more comfortable, and relaxing.

These are just a few of my favorite self-care tips. Find out what you enjoy the most, experiment, and make YOU your priority each day! :)

Happy New Year, and I look forward to see the wonderful ways you incorporate self-care into your life in 2017!


Set Yourself Up for a Successful, Deep Night’s Sleep!

Sleep is important for our bodies both physically and mentally. Sleep provides energy, improves our mood, enhances our metabolism, reduces cravings, sharpens memory, improves focus, reduces stress, and provides stronger immunity and overall better health.

Unfortunately, there is so much going on in our lives that many of us have problems with getting a deep, relaxing, peaceful night’s sleep. We may aim to get those 7-8 hours, fall asleep quickly, but then wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning. We toss and turn and struggle with that little voice inside our heads.

Sleep has been an issue with which I have struggled and ultimately realized that the key is to set oneself up for success!

Below are the tips that work wonders for me:
  • Reduce the caffeine. If you are going to drink coffee, stick to one cup in the morning. Have a balanced lunch, and drink water throughout the afternoon to remain energized rather than grabbing that 3 pm cup of coffee.  And beware of the caffeinated teas.
  • Don't eat after 6 pm; and if you do, make it a light meal.
  • If you’re going to have that glass of wine, have it earlier in the evening.  Wine may put you to sleep quickly, but drinking too close to bedtime may have the opposite effect a few hours later.  Many individuals report that their eyes pop open at 1 or 2 in the morning.
  • *Turn off your laptop and put down all electronics several hours before you go to sleep. I feel that this is the most important tip. The light interferes with sleep, and scrolling through articles or social media will keep your mind on full speed when you need to relax and wind down.
  • Have a cup of chamomile tea, but do so a couple of hours before bed to avoid the 1 am bathroom trip.
  • Do yoga, stretches, deep breathing, or meditation--even if only for 10 minutes.  Be in the moment, and listen to the sounds of each inhale and exhale. This helps to ground you and allows all thoughts of the past and future to melt away. 
  • Take a warm bubble bath with lavender or your favorite essential oil.
  • Set the stage. Light candles, turn on dim lamps, and turn off the bedroom lights.
  • Use 2-3 drops of lavender oil to rub onto your wrists, temples, and feet. Lavender reduces anxiety and aids in relaxation for better sleep.
  • Read a good book, and I don’t mean a book you have to read for class. Select a novel by your favorite author--one who captivates you and brings you into their world.
  • As you enjoy the peaceful setting you’ve created, focus on counting your blessings and drift into a peaceful night’s sleep.
These are the tips that have worked well for me. Try them for yourself or find your own personal path to a successful night’s sleep!


Have Fun Cooking & Save Time In The Kitchen!


I love to play in the kitchen! Cooking is my therapy, my creative outlet, and part of my “me time.” I enjoy finding new recipes and adding my own twist. When I make my own meals I also feel great that I know exactly what is going into my body. I feel vibrant and energized!

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t have the time to cook,” “I have no idea how to cook, or “How can I possibly cook meals to please everyone in the household?” Cooking doesn’t have to be a long, intense process. The key is to keep it simple. Now simple doesn’t mean bland and boring. You can create a delicious, nutritious meal in less than an hour for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

Here are 15 of my favorite tips to have fun cooking & save time in the kitchen!

  • Choose recipes that require 5 ingredients or less and make dishes that take no longer than an hour to prep and cook
  • Set The Setting. Play your favorite music, light a candle. Create an atmosphere you love!
  • Use a Timer, so you can accomplish other tasks while your food is cooking
  • Experiment with varied styles of cooking such as raw, steaming, roasting, baking, boiling, or sautéing
  • Change it up and dress it up! Use a variety of vegetables, fruit, proteins, whole grains, nuts, healthy fats, oils, and seasonings!
  • Cook with others to share the work and make it a bonding experience.  Involve your significant others, children, and friends
  • Exchange recipes with others and learn their favorite dishes!
  • Prepare in Advance. Chop and season your dishes the night prior, so you can just place them in the oven when you are ready to eat!
  • Use a Slow Cooker or a Pressure Cooker – These appliances will become your best time-saving friends, and you can create your whole meal in a pot. And even better, the meal will be ready for you when you come home!
  • Only cook foods you love, but don’t be afraid to try something new!
  • Prepare in large quantities, so you can freeze it or save it for later in the week!
  • Get Creative with leftovers, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with others. Use the whole grain you made for the dinner the night before, add it to your breakfast bowl, toss it in a salad, or use it in your stir fry!
  • Include varied condiments and toppings on the table such as oils, nuts, seeds, sauces, hummus, and sliced avocado to please everyone’s particular taste buds
  • Be Patient and kind to yourself. It's okay to make mistakes in the kitchen; It is all a learning process! Just continue to practice, and cooking will come second nature to you in no time. 
  • Eat with others and connect over your delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal!

The more you cook, the easier it will get, and the more you will enjoy it! Creating a fun, healthy, and simple cooking practice is all part of your progressive transformation. Have fun in the kitchen and put love into your food. Not only will you taste the difference, but you will feel great, and anyone lucky enough to dine with you will appreciate you!


Empower Yourself This Holiday Season!

You have the power to set yourself up for success this holiday season! Go into these next few weeks with positivity and self-love! Welcome the holiday season and embrace it for what it should be about: family, friends, and gratitude for your beautiful life. Yes, it’s important to give to others, but you also deserve to show appreciation for yourself! You can accomplish all of your tasks, celebrate with your loved ones, AND maintain a happy, healthy life. The keys are intention, positivity, preparation, moderation, and balance. Read More